PM. (Post Meridiem/Post Mort m) 

Tomando as violentas fotografias da guerra do narcotráfico que circulam nos jornais de Ciudad Juarez no México, Morales subtraí dessas imagens os cadáveres aí expostos ao sensacionalismo dasnotícias. O apontamento político do trabalho é uma critica a estetização da violência que se experimenta diariamente na mídia, bem como o modo como a consumimos em desrespeito as vítimas.

“In a fight against the aesthetic power of the narco-violence in Mexico, my work enquires around “the disappearance” of cadavers, which appear every day in the local newspapers of Ciudad Juárez. My labor is to dispose these bodies; found among its forgotten pages due to their saturated banality, from the paper surface by erasing them with a common eraser in a completely manual process. To address these bodies to a second death is the central subject of my work. These actions directly affects the memory of the city and produces a document that calls for amnesty, because it does not discriminate the nature of the corpse -victim or perpetrator- which has been judged in the journalistic publication sometimes as ‘rogue’, ‘rat’ or ‘thug’, using ‘dead man’ ‘mummy’ or ‘stiff’ to refer to a subject, or type of death: ‘tatemado’ (cremated) ‘encobijado’ (body wrapped in a blanket) ‘butchered’, among many others, to become just a number in the ominous national landscape. This is an exercise of Apotheosis in which through the invisibility of the body, the anesthetic problem we face every day turns visible. Thus, evaluates and reflects the aesthetic environment experienced on a daily basis through the media and their products and how they can shape and change the language and identity of a society surrounded and crossed by violence.” Artist Statement