Interiores ciganos
Gypsy Interiors

Em seu trabalho, Gianferro vem relacionando arquitetura, ocupação do espaço e modos de vida. Essa série de retratos em interiores ciganos tenciona a imagem estereotipada de um povo nômade que viveas margens da cidade dando a vê-los em ambientes espaçosos, suntuosos, vivamente coloridos, com tapetes, cortinas, objetos, flores e mais flores, revelando, além das tradições, a construção de um lugar social, uma identidade da qual se orgulha em pertencer.

“Gypsy Interiors” is a series of portraits capturing the private world of these outwardly loud, vivacious people. Here he finds a rich and profound intimacy, hidden but exhibited among antique furniture, tapestries, paintings, religious images, china, staircases and mirrors, set into large rooms or sometimes minimized in empty spaces waiting to be filled. Images of women sitting on elegant sofas or portrayed during intimate family moments, young people lounging on beds in their luxurious rooms, elders immortalized amongst their mementoes, proud faces of parents admiring their children. These are portraits of a people wanting to show that they have finally succeeded in finding and forging a place and a dignified future within our society, without losing the gypsy values, handed down orally, that come from the hearts of their ancestors.