Um lugar para ir
A Place to Go

Henry Iddon traz a fotografia de paisagem para o campo do documental. Ao  aproximar suas clássicas paisagens de montanhas, realizadas no Reino Unido, de referências históricas ou jornalísticas que relatam desventuras ocorridas nesses locais, acaba por ressignificar as paisagens com outras espessuras e densidades, dando a imaginar não só o que foi dito, como também outras estórias.

“Large format photographs of mountain landscapes in the UK where there have been fatal accidents. On the the 17th April, 1805 the artist, Charles Gough, set off with his dog over the mountain Helvellyn. He was never seen alive again, but found three months later, his dog still guarding his body. Gough has since been commemorated in verse by William Wordsworth and Sir Walter Scott, and been the subject of paintings by Francis Danby and Sir Edwin Landseer.

What this work hopes to do is go beyond the barrier, that picture postcard one dimensionality that is of found when looking at a mountain landscape. To make portraits, with supporting text, that imbue a place with emotion. Mountain landscapes will not always be simple ‘places of delight’ – scenery as sedative, topography so arranged to feast the eye. What we see with our eyes is influenced by what we know, however much that contradicts the way we have been taught to view the upland landscape as a place of benign beauty.” Edited Artist Statement

Reino Unido