A besta cega
The Blind Beast

As imagens de Le Belhomme são enigmáticas, inoculam incertezas e desconfortos e nos lançam no território da dúvida e da hesitação. São lugares reais ou reconstruções? As vezes a dúvida se manifesta na escala das imagens que não conseguimos perceber exatamente ou no  estranhamento que essas imagens provocam. Visto que nada é dito diretamente, misteriosas e sugestivas, as imagens permanecem nos provocando a pensar mais sobre elas.

Photography is a paradoxical means of expression. On the one hand, it is accessible to all and on the other it is an artistic practice. Indeed, the world is full of photographic images: from the simple family album to the world of advertising, including the press; our force-fed eye knows no respite, our sight is constantly carried away by the swell of images, our point of view drowns – it becomes tragically diluted in the visual whirlpools around us. And despite it all, there are still artists whose boldness adds to this magma by introducing new subjects, ideas and ways of seeing and representing. And suddenly, something happens: a photograph emerges from chaos, takes on a shape, swells with singular might – and embeds itself longlastingly in the visual realm. Edited Statement of  Eric Van Essche